The Root Cause Of Cancer Revealed: It’s Been Hidden Since 1930

Most people think that DNA damage is what causes a cell to be cancerous. While it is true that cancer cells may have DNA damage, it is highly unlikely that DNA damage can cause any cell to become cancerous. In fact, the DNA damage is a result of the true cause cancer.

So let us discuss what really causes cancer.

In the past 125 years, there have been many discoveries about cancer.

William Russell (1852-1940), in 1890, found that there are microbes inside and outside of cancer cells, which were later found to be “pleomorphic,” meaning that the pH state inside cancer cells changes their size and shape.

In 1931, Otto Warburg won the Nobel prize in Medicine for his discovery that the main property of cancer cells was low “ATP energy” (ATP is made inside the mitochondria of cells and is known as “adenosine triphosphate”).

In 1930, it was proven that if the microbes inside the cancer cells are killed, the cancer cells will REVERT into normal cells. This discovery was made by Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist who developed the use of “harmonic frequencies” to vibrate the microbes until they “exploded” and died.

Rather than winning a Nobel Prize for his discovery, Dr. Rife’s lab and inventory were destroyed by the combined consensus of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA).

The reason for this was that his discovery cured 100% of his patients. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical industry and the modern medicine would rather profit from this disease than allow its cure.

Their patented chemicals bring them huge financial profits, and they are doing everything to protect them. The FDA functions as the “private police force” of the pharmaceutical industry.

In the end, it is all about the patents, and since natural remedies, frequency waveforms and molecules in cannot be patented, they are being ignored.

The definition of cancer cells

The very definition of cancer cells is low ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy.

In a normal cell, molecules called ATP provide the energy of the cell. ATP molecules are created inside the mitochondria which are inside of every human cell.

Cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose than a normal cell. Thus, a person would logically expect a cancer cell to create 15 times more ATP molecules than a normal cell.

But in reality, cancer cells create a very small number of ATP molecules. Cancer cells are ATP molecule-starved and they have to revert to fermentation to create what little ATP molecules they create.

With so much glucose there should be an abundance of ATP molecules. Why do cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose and yet not be able to create a significant amount of ATP molecules?

The thing that blocks the production of ATP molecules is a very special pleomorphic bacteria that is inside the cancer cells.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation and others believe the microbe is H. Pylori. In some cases, Fusobacterium may be involved as well as it is also known to get inside of cells.

While everyone has H. pylori bacteria in their body (generally in their digestive tract), how do H. pylori get inside of a healthy cell? Generally, it doesn’t. However, in some cases, an acidic diet can make this bacteria highly aggressive and it can literally drill itself inside of a normal cell to get away from the acidity in the blood, as discovered by Robert O. Young, Ph.D.

So how does a bacteria block the production of ATP molecules and thus turn a cell cancerous after it has gotten inside the cell?

The bacteria blocks ATP production in two different ways:

First, bacteria eat glucose so as the bacteria proliferate inside the cell they intercept more and more glucose. This means less and less ATP is made because there is less glucose to be converted into ATP.

Second, microbes excrete mycotoxins, which are highly acidic and totally worthless molecules.

Fixing the root cause of cancer

Cancer is caused by microbes that are inside the cancer cells. These microbes partially block the production of ATP molecules in the cells. By killing the microbes inside the cancer cells the cancer cells will literally revert into normal cells.

In many cases, the immune system can get rid of these microbes, but in fact, some types of tapeworms, flukes, and fungus, etc. cannot be killed by the immune system for one reason or another (e.g. the microbes are not accessible by the immune system).

Here is one example of how the bacteria inside the cancer cell are killed. Let us consider the “honey and turmeric” protocol.

Cancer cells have more glucose receptors than normal cells and thus are attracted to honey. To some degree, honey can kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, but it is far more effective to mix the honey with turmeric (or some other herb which kills microbes) to eradicate these microbes. Therefore honey becomes a “Trojan Horse” to get the turmeric inside.

Three different studies show that turmeric is the most effective herb at eliminating Helicobacter Pylori and the cells are reverted into normal cells.

It is much easier to kill microbes than to kill cancer cells if the substance can get inside of the cancer cells. DMSO, MSM, and honey are all “Trojan Horses” to get microbe-killing substances inside of cancer cells. Also, maple syrup or molasses is commonly used with baking soda and has been very successful.

There are many natural molecules which cure cancer by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells and vitamin C and vitamin D3 are good examples. These are highly anti-microbial vitamins which cannot possibly kill cancer cells, so the only way they can treat cancer is by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells. Of course, you should combine them with”Trojan Horse”, in this case, MSM.