Top Designs and Ideas for Henna Lovers

Henna Tattoo Pics, Designs, and lots of Designs! Incredible henna art that you gotta see! See why henna is becoming more popular than tattoos!We can hear what you’re saying from here. Henna tattoo is an oxymoron. Henna is temporary, tattoos are not. Henna tattoo designs may not, in fact, be tattoos. However, they have become quite popular both in their traditional middle Eastern cultures and in the West as well.

Let’s take a look at forty uniquely beautiful henna tattoo designs. We have collected a variety from traditional mehndi looks to more simple “temporary tattoo” beach varieties. While henna in its more traditional form is typically found on hands and feet we will see it placed in a variety of areas on the body. Enjoy this breathtaking art form that reminds us of our beloved tattoo.

Ruby Footed Henna Tattoo Design

These aren’t exactly Dorothy’s heels from the Wizard of Oz but the ruby adornments on this design are just as breathtaking. I wonder if the wearer of this piece has tried clicking her heels together yet.

Pregnant Belly

Adding to the peaceful look on the face of this mother is the flowing, symmetrical design placed on her belly. The accompanying hand design pulls it all together.

Mind over Matter

Stunning. What a beautiful way to adorn a bald head! Not everyone can pull off the bald look and even fewer can pull off the scalp tattoo but this woman accomplishes both.

Palm Reading

While it may be hard for a psychic to find the life line on these palms it is impossible to miss the beauty and painstaking effort in this artwork. Each hand is unique, despite the central diamonds making them look identical at first glance. If you stare long enough, maybe you’ll see the future.

Tiny Feet

I always thought little baby shoes were the cutest thing in the world…until I saw this. Henna tattoo designs are for the young and old. Look at the floral design on those tiny toes!

Covered Feet

The sheer amount of henna in this piece is amazing, not to mention that each side is a mirror image of the other. The patience the artist must have while creating a design like this is inspiring! This look highlights the other classic reddish brown color of mehndi henna art.

Blue Toes

This is another example of color infused into a foot design. The iridescent blue is beautiful and the artist added even more flourish with glitter. I guess someone is going out bare foot tonight!

Back Hand

While both a type of tennis shot and one of the most painful slaps, the back hand is also a popular placement for henna tattoo designs. It is interesting how this piece somewhat reflects in the wearer’s choice of foot wear as well.

Comes with a Matching Throw Pillow

Well this is a new twist on coordinating home decor. This tattoo seems to fit right in with the pillow the forearm is resting on. In fact, that pillow looks like it has a future in henna tattoo designs.

Living Tree

This tree utilizes the entirety of her back. I love that it includes the roots and leaves, letting us all know that this tree is alive and well as the yoga pose promotes wellness inside and out.

Chest Protector

This is a very tribal piece. A Samoan warrior preparing for battle? Or a male model preparing for a Calvin Klein shoot? Either way henna tattoo designs play a major role in this full chest piece.

Classic Peacock

The peacock feather seems to dominate the world of henna tattoo designs. This unique piece incorporates the body and head as well allowing the peacock to be on full display, as we all know peacocks love to do.

Slip Ons

You might be able to get away with being barefooted in a convenience store with this design. From the right angle, it looks like she is wearing a pair of ornate flats.